What Have We Done

In no time at all we went from not needing personal phones in schools to everyone, including teachers, talking on their cell phones during school hours.

Elementary school children are allowed to have cell phones in class as long as they have parental permission.

This is now how we communicate with one another, even when we are face to face.

Not so long ago, it was considered rude to whisper to someone when in public.

It made the person being excluded from the secret feel uncomfortable and defensive since the secret may very well be about them.

It was also considered rude for people who spoke a foreign language to do so in the company of those who did not speak that language. This was also a matter of respect.

Respect for self and one another has taken a back seat to “selfies” and “facebook”, texting and tweeting.

In any public arena you will see people sitting together yet communicating via cell phone, not wanting anyone to know what they are saying.

As well, is easy and seemingly acceptable to lie to those you are communicating with via this impersonal means of social interaction making people feel it is just as easy and acceptable to lie in person.

We no longer teach our children righteousness. We no longer insist on truth or justice, but promote propaganda and force, as the “American” way.

We accept the inadequate, inefficient, and ineffective way our government operates because we feel inadequate, ineffective, and insufficient to change it.

We have, as a nation, accepted our own defeat, at our own hands, through our own complacency.

There is no wonder as to why our children are rebelling.

They see that as children they are more powerful than the adults in their world.

Our children deserve our return to righteousness.

Our children deserve to live in an America that stands for truth and justice.

Our children deserve to be respected and to know and understand the importance of respecting others.

Our children deserve to know they are gifted and talented.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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