He’s A Super Man – Not Superman

There is a petition circulating throughout Rochester to hire Bill Cala, former Fairport superintendent to be the next Rochester City School District superintendent.

When Dr. Cala was interim supertendent the School Board had the opportunity to hire him and they decided overwhelmingly to hire Jean-Claude Brizard instead.

In his short term as interim superintendent Dr. Cala was able to unit parents, teachers, students, and the community and begin to address and create solutions to some of the many problems within the district.

Dr. Cala worked tirelessly meeting with individuals and groups to bring the Rochester City School District out of its quagmire of failure.

For all of his hard work the School Board decided that someone else, a man who knew nothing about Rochester or its schools, should direct our district.

After the Brizard situation the Board decided to hire Dr. Vargas to replace him.

While Dr. Vargas is a fine upstanding individual, according to New York State Department of Education regulations, he was and is unqualified to hold the position of superintendent.

Our paid School Board makes decisions on who to hire as superintendent according to whom the Democratic party feels would be right for the job.

Brizard was put in place because he came with millions in Broad money.

Vargas was put in place because he pushed the State’s Common Core agenda.

Our next superintendent will have the same Democratic backing that will have more to do with supporting the profits of “hedgehogs” than student success.

Our paid School Board is unable to stand against State Ed control or they will impede their funding. The superintendents they hire must support the State’s agenda and maintain those standards.

As superintendent of Fairport, Bill Cala fought against State control of local districts. He rejected State funding in order to keep common core out of Fairport.

This is not the man our School Board wants as superintendent.

Our children deserve a free and public excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents.

Bill Cala cannot do this alone.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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