A Brand New Day

Once again the American public has been fooled into thinking that there is not enough money in public education to support Arts education.

Artists put on a live, free performance of “The Wiz” a remake of the popular “Wizard of Oz” from a very different, culturally significant perspective.

The original work was a political statement about the carpetbaggers coming in and taking over the South and how the lives of the people will change if they are not stopped. The original version warned citizens that they had to be smart, strong, and courageous in order to stand against the impending doom.

The original version of “The Wiz” also warned that we need to be smart, strong, and courageous but to withstand the pressures of society, poverty, drugs, and worst of all, lack of self confidence.

The newest version of “The Wiz” which aired last night reiterated the importance of self confidence but it also restored the concept of family and the importance of unconditional, Spiritual love.

Last night’s performance was not only to raise awareness of the importance of Arts education but to raise funds to support Arts education in public schools.

Our government has the American people believing that there is not enough money to provide ALL children in America with an excellent education.

While education tax dollars are being spent supporting the profits of “hedgehogs”, children in large urban areas are bussed to schools with overcrowded classes and underqualified teachers.

Education tax dollars are being spent gathering data on our children so that they can be classified as disabled and placed on a path to nowhere.

Our education tax dollars support the profits of private higher education institutions while failing to provide and excellent education at the elementary and secondary level.

It is time to shed the cloth of ignorance and compliance and move together towards a brand new day in education.

Every child in America deserves to be educated in a system that seeks to discover, develop, and direct their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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