Between The Lines

CNN reports, “Obama said the new guidelines call for taking only the “tests that are worth taking“– that are “high quality, aimed at good instruction” and that ensure students are “on track.”

The plan recommends that students spend no more than 2% of classroom time taking these tests, and that parents be notified if their child’s school exceeds this limit.

Testing shouldn’t “crowd out teaching and learning” and should just be one of many tools to measure how students and schools are performing, Obama said.”

The guidelines don’t replace those that are part of No Child Left Behind, but if Congress were to alter that law and include the Obama administration’s recommendations, districts would then be required to follow them.

Who determines which tests are worth taking? Pearson is still involved, still collecting data, still making money from the failure in education to concentrate on the child as a human being and not a worker.

What does he mean, testing that is “aimed at good instruction”? Testing, should be aimed at determining the strengths of the child and how to address those strengths. Tests that are worth taking provide educators with information as to how to differentiate their instruction in order to inspire and engage their students.

While the plan recommends that no more than 2% of classroom time be spent “taking” these tests, there is no mention as to how long test preparation can take which is what takes up valuable learning time, replacing Arts education and field trips that provide experiential learning opportunities.

Tests should not determine how well a school is performing. A school is a building, an inanimate object.

Testing is not the overwhelming issue in education.

Allowing our children to be classified as disabled when every child is gifted and talented is.

All of our children deserve to know and understand that they are gifted and talented.

All of our children deserve to be educated in a system that acknowledges and respects their individual gifts and talents.

If something sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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