A Moral Imperative To Change The Language

The Huffington Post printed this blog. Re-Claiming a Moral Profession in Unethical Times

The article outlines imperatives for the ethical conduct of teachers.

“An Ethic for Teachers of Conscience in Public Education

A moral imperative to attend to the development and well-being of our students

A moral imperative to know our students well and understand their learning

A moral imperative to serve our communities

A moral imperative to promote learning in service of the public good

A moral imperative to preserve public education”

The actions that accompany these tenets are equally sound yet lacking in the changes necessary to insure the sanctity and intent of public education.

The current language of education that concentrates on classifying children according to their disabilities maintains the profitable $77 billion dollar Special Education industry.

The current language of education that places the bar of achievement at “white male” remands every other American to second class status.

The current language of education separates, segregates, and discriminates by collecting illegal data on our children that forces them into unyielding tracks of failure determined by race, socio-economic prowess, and zip code.

We must change the language of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all children.

We must change the language of education so that the bar of achievement is excellence for every child.

By changing the language of education we change the measure of achievement and begin to realize the individual success of every student.

By eliminating the superficial attributes of race, space, and economic pace, we will be able to provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education in their neighborhood.

Changing the language of education from disabilities to gifts and talents expresses our belief in our children, letting them know and understand that they are valuable members of our world, with something wonderful to contribute.

Teachers of conscience must work together to change the language of education first. Then we can concentrate on creating an ethical, moral, and successful system of education for All.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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