More Money – More Waste – More Profits More Failure

In a recent article by Diane Ravitch, she quotes research that states, “Increasing per-pupil spending yields large improvements in educational attainment, wages, and family income, and reductions in the annual incidence of adult poverty for children from low-income families.”

Ms. Ravitch continues with, “As they also show, it matters how the new money is spent –such as on instruction, hiring more teachers, increasing teacher pay, hiring guidance counselors and social workers.”

By now it should be obvious that more money is spent per pupil to educate urban children than suburban or elite children since state report cards show the discrepancies.

With this extra funding and per pupil spending that has been taking place for decades, there should have been more than a 1-5% improvement in our rate of success.

Money well spent is spent on the children.

Neighborhood schools will allow districts to contract with educational institutions such as the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, Cummings Nature Center, Genesee Country Museum and Ganondagan State Historic Site which would serve the educational needs of inner city students more than guidance counselors and social workers.

By contracting with these institutions, districts would receive the same busing allowances from the government and inner city students would now have the opportunity to discover and experience the gifts and talents other cultures possess that have added to the fabric of America.

Hiring more teachers to lower class size would open opportunities for teachers to build relationships with students and their families. Teachers could differentiate their instruction so that it speaks to the gifts and talents of their students.

Lowering class size would allow teachers to assess and evaluate their lessons in order to optimize learning. Teacher generated evaluations would replace state standardized tests presenting a clearer picture of the student and their abilities.

All of these things can be done now without added funding. Instituting these few measures would increase student achievement and lower “hedgehog” profits.

Failure fuels funding.

More failure; more profits; more waste; more money.

This is our how current system of education works.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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