America The Economic

In the past parents would send their children to school to become educated. With that education came the promise of a better life for that family.

Having an educated family member gave the entire family pride as they boasted, “the first one in the family to finish school” to friends, family, and neighbors.

The understanding that an education places you ahead in the game of life has always been known.

It is also common knowledge that slavery is profitable and there is no such thing as an educated slave. Once a slave becomes educated they are free from the tyrannical oppression of enslavement and are now powerful enough to provide for themselves.

Our children are being enslaved through the mis-education of our current system.

When we allow our government to “statisticize” our children, we give them permission to maintain their ignorance by supporting a system of education that concentrates on our children’s disabilities and makes the recognition of their gifts and talents contingent upon their color, socio-economic status, and behavior.

The government’s support of the charter school movement is evidence that the intent of education today is for some children to receive a better education than other children who receive a less than adequate education in public school.

It is this type of plantation thinking that makes America ugly.

It is when we value money more than we value the gifts and talents of our children that we allow such disparity to exist in education.

When we place a price tag on providing our children with an excellent education that discovers, develops, and directs their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens we devalue the contributions everyone can make in life to create and maintain a better world.

In order for America to the beautiful country it can be, we must change our current system of education so that it concentrates on creating leaders not followers.

America will be beautiful when we concentrate on educating our children to be caring human beings and not workers, enslaved to a system of economics.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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