Pay Without Power

The results of the Democratic Primary election for School Board are as follows:
Malik Evans (Incumbent) – 4683
Mary Adams (Incumbent) – 3982
Liz Hallmark – 3442
Willa Powell (Incumbent) – 3440

Less than one fourth of registered Democrats decided to vote and those that did, decided that our current School Board is doing their due diligence.

The New York State School Boards Association lists the responsibilities of the Board as:
Responsibilities of a Board Member
With schoolchildren always their ultimate focus, school board members act officially at the board table, working with other board members to serve students and accomplish the following:
•Create a shared vision for the future of education
•Set the direction of the school district to achieve the highest student performance
•Provide rigorous accountability for student achievement results
•Develop a budget and present it to the community, aligning district resources to improve achievement
•Support a healthy school district culture for work and learning
•Create strategic partnerships with the community stakeholders
•Build the district’s progress through continuous improvement
•Adopt and maintain current policies
•Hire and evaluate the superintendent
•Ratify collective bargaining agreements
•Maintain strong ethical standards

Our current School Board has not fulfilled it responsibilities since being elected.

With only one replacement on the Board, it is only logical to expect the same governance from our School Board as we have seen in the past. Replacing one member of the Board does not change the power structure that maintains the failure of our children to support their budget.

The vision of the community if for a successful district, moving in the direction of success, with everyone being held accountable for securing and insuring that success.

Our budget should reflect our goals for the district to improve student achievement instead of increasing the pay of ineffective administrators.

Supporting the common core and its edicts is contrary to a healthy school culture.

Becoming elected to the School Board is no guarantee that Board members will carry out their responsibilities with due diligence. However, it is the responsibility of the community to vote them out of office when they do not.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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