Money In – Money Out

In 2008 Bolgen Vargas was making $70,000 working as a counselor for the Greece Central School District. In 2012, the Rochester City School District paid Dr. Vargas $187,962 as Superintendent of the district. In 2014 Dr. Vargas was paid $201,000 in salary, not including benefits.

Though there are only 56 Chiefs and Principals listed on the district’s 2015-16 roster, according to the New York State report card, the Rochester City School District employs 110 Chiefs and Principals and 3018 teachers.

Spending per pupil – Syracuse: $18,060; Yonkers: $20,146; Buffalo: $20,260; and Rochester: $21,483.

The Rochester City School District classifies 18% of it’s student population, receiving an additional $2,000 per student making special education spending over $23,000 per student.

Rochester spends the most per student with the worst results.

The lowest salary among administrators and chiefs is $94,000 with the highest salary among teachers over $100,000.

Because we are a Title I district, we receive $22,100,000 from that fund.

x Funds are generated based on poverty criteria of free and reduced lunch eligibility. Use of funds is determined by need.
x All Title I expenditures must be supplemental and not supplant required services and materials.
x The District is required to set aside 15% of their Title I funds for School Improvement activities as defined by NYSED. In 2014/2015, Supplemental Academic Services and ELA/Math Instructional Coaches were used to meet this requirement.





The RCSD 2015-16 draft budget reports:
Teacher salary compensation: $297,080,982

School Chiefs and Principals salary compensation: $231,613,805

The 2015-16 Budget Expense Total is reported as $1,419,002 while the 2015-16 proposed salary is $1,155,452 for the Board of Education Management Financial Discussion and Analysis.

The 2015-16 Budget Expense Total for the Office of the Superintendent is $277,440, 100% of which is salary.

Employee Benefits: $157,201,978

Charter School Tuition payment: $104,691,107

Millions of dollars are coming into the RCSD with very little of that money reaching and teaching the children.

When we provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential education that discovers, develops, and directs their individual gifts and talents they will get out of education what the money spent on education should produce, success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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