Education Is Not Child Friendly

There is nothing about education that lends itself to the education of children. The decisions made in education are made by adults for the comfort and convenience of adults and most importantly, for the profits of the “hedgehogs”.

We train children according to the needs of the industries and corporations that “place orders” for workers.

Should the job market need service workers our children are herded toward service industry positions.

Should companies require assembly workers, schools are asked to produce students who can follow orders and work well with others.

Currently, the job market is open to technology taking STEM education to the forefront of the field.

A child’s natural development, their gifts and talents, likes and dislikes, are rarely considered once a child enters the current system of education.

The social/emotional development of the child is used to determine their deficiencies and classification instead of as a source of insight into the child’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

If it becomes too costly to operate a school with small class sizes, regardless of what the current, credible research states, schools are closed and children are warehouse in classes of twenty-five or more to save money.

If busing students out of their neighborhood is more cost effective than operating neighborhood schools, then neighborhood schools are closed and children are bused. The negative effects of busing children out of their neighborhood, proven by research, is inconsequential.

When we change the language of education so that it concentrates on the child, we will begin to see the success of children in education.

When we begin to concentrate on discovering, developing, and directing every child’s natural gifts and talents in safe, neighborhood schools, we instill in children, personal pride and pride in their community.

When we provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education delivered by knowledgeable, dedicated adults who recognize and respect their own gifts and talents along with the gifts and talents of every member of the school community, we will begin to see educational success and civic pride spread throughout America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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