Carousel Controversy

Another issue in the forefront is the 110 year old painting of a racist depiction of Black children, referred to as “pica ninnies” being scared by a rooster.

While some may wish to remove the painting from the carousel, it would serve a better purpose as a learning tool.

Yes, this was the attitude of elitists during that era.

Yes, though some things have changed, institutional racism and white supremacy still exist.

No, removing the painting will not change things.

Erasing history tends to make us forget it.

Many thousands of individuals suffered and died to change the attitude of Whites towards Blacks, this includes Whites, and their struggle should never be forgotten.

The caricature depicted decries an era in our history filled with hate that must never be repeated.

We must remind our children of the course human thought and belief can take should hate be allowed to reign over love.

We must remind our children that we, as a united people, raised our voice to overcome the racist attitudes that thought it was not only correct to paint the picture but to display it publically.

That picture is a constant reminder that we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of thinking that things are alright now, that racism no longer exists and that our children should no longer be afraid of the hatred that can exist.

It is only by acknowledging the existence and power of hatred that we can unite with the strength and power of love to change the attitudes of our world.

When we change the language of education to concentrate on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every child in America towards becoming a responsible, respectful, citizen who recognizes and respects the gifts and talents of every person of every culture which lends a unique perspective to the fabric of America, we can look at a controversial mural and openly discuss its implications and effect on society and how best to change things for the betterment of America and humanity.

Respect the past; change the future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

One thought on “Carousel Controversy

  1. I only went there to ride the carousel. I have never even seen this dreaded picture. If you ask me, if it wasn’t brought up, a lot of us wouldn’t even know it existed.

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