More Data Collection

From the Federal Register: Abstract: The High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of more than 20,000 9th graders in 944 schools in 2009 who are being followed through their secondary and postsecondary years. The study focuses on understanding students’ trajectories from the beginning of high school into postsecondary […]

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Thinking Alike – Acting Likewise

Like minds attract and we are naturally drawn to those with similar interests. It is common to see in any meeting, groups of individuals who find they are alike in some way begin to gather and divide up into the majority factor representing that group. It is a natural and common occurrence. However, when groups […]

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From The Federal Register

On Friday, August 21, 2015 the Federal Register will release this new award: “Applications for New Awards: Charter Schools Program Grants to Non-State Educational Agency Eligible Applicants for Planning, Program Design, and Initial Implementation and for Dissemination” DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Applications for New Awards; Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grants to Non-State Educational Agency (Non-SEA) Eligible […]

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Education Is Not Child Friendly

There is nothing about education that lends itself to the education of children. The decisions made in education are made by adults for the comfort and convenience of adults and most importantly, for the profits of the “hedgehogs”. We train children according to the needs of the industries and corporations that “place orders” for workers. […]

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Carousel Controversy

Another issue in the forefront is the 110 year old painting of a racist depiction of Black children, referred to as “pica ninnies” being scared by a rooster. While some may wish to remove the painting from the carousel, it would serve a better purpose as a learning tool. Yes, this was the attitude of […]

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