Then And Now

Last week the news reported a victory for food service workers who will see a wage increase of $6.25 over three years for New York City workers and over six years for fast food workers in the rest of the state.

This week, the Mayor, Congresswoman Slaughter, Governor Cuomo, and Vice President Biden were pleased to announced, “Photonics Manufacturing Expects 6,000 New Jobs” over a five year period, creating 1,200 jobs a year.

As in the past, the elite have produced programs that will cause those uniting to change our attitudes and customs towards education and equality in America, to believe that they are now in a better position, financially, than they have every been. The “hedgehogs” are working diligently to convince American citizens they are concerned about the welfare of America and not their profits.

And, while the elite throw the American public more bones, the public, settling for those bones, will not recognize their condition has not changed, they have just been made more comfortable in their position.

The poor will remain poor and the middle class will remain middle class, supporting the social programs of the impoverished which secure the profits of the elite.

Cities in New York State are fighting each other for the tax dollars that are collected from every working citizen in the United States.

The people go before our elected officials, begging to receive some benefit from the taxes that are taken from their paycheck every pay period.

When we, as tax paying citizens of the United States, know and understand that we, the people of the United States, are the government, we will be able to exercise the power of “one man, one vote” over the financial influence of the “hedgehogs” in our government.

When we, the people, rise up out of the fear of poverty and begin to properly educate our children to believe that they are more powerful than the money the “hedgehogs” use to manipulate our politicians, we will see, an excellent education for our children and equality for all can and will be achieved.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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