No Nonsense Capitalism

In her July 23, 2015 blog post, Diane Ravitch reports on a system of teaching called, “No Nonsense Nurturing”. The blog tells the story of a teacher in Lawrence, Massachusetts were she was being trained to teach according to this new system.

Ms. Ravitch writes, “She had to wear a wireless earpiece and receive instructions from three coaches who sat in the back of her classroom, telling her what to say, how to act, how to respond to students . . .”

This particular style of teaching is being promoted by The Center for Transformative Teacher Training or CT3.

“No Nonsense Nurturing” is a program supported by the New Teacher Center which is primarily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to the tune of $10 million dollars.

Their website reads, “A positive, calm, structured learning environment is an essential component of effective instruction and contributes to student achievement. The No-Nonsense Nurturer online course component is being offered by NTC in collaboration with The Center for Transformative Teacher Training. The course is designed to advance new teachers’ and mentors’ understanding of the strategies that can be employed to increase student engagement, build constructive relationships with students, and establish the routines, procedures and structures needed to improve student learning. The course provides an interactive experience with rich video examples that illustrate the four components of the No-Nonsense Nurturing© model.”

Enrollment cost is $150 per person

It is the intent of the “hedgehogs” to deeply infiltrate the system of education in America so that it continues to provide workers for their companies. The ignorance of the American populous is essential to their profit making scheme.

When we change the language of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all children, by providing every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education, delivered by knowledgeable, dedicated individuals who acknowledge and respect their own gifts and talents and the gifts and talents of everyone in the school community, the “hedgehogs” will no longer be able to standardize our teachers or our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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