It is interesting that our lawmakers are pushing for stronger accountability provisions in education when they take no responsibility for being accountable for the discriminatory, segregationist language of education policy, procedure, and practice.

To determine that any child is less able to learn because of the color of their skin, the location of their home, or their parents financial status is to blame superficial attributes for the continued mis-education inherent in the system of education that denies children the freedom to discover, develop, and direct their individual gifts and talents.

Senator Lamar Alexander was quoted as saying about the Murphy Amendment which is said to give the federal government more power than they are legally entitled to, “Instead of fixing No Child Left Behind, it keeps the worst parts of it”

If the federal government wishes to control any part of education, there must be an amendment to the Constitution that gives them that power.

Education is a states rights issue and the power the federal government has in education is to make sure states do not, by their constitutions, make any laws that deny Americans their Constitutional rights.

The accountability federal lawmakers seek in the area of education is moot since they have no jurisdiction to require states to do anything but provide an “adequate” education to its citizens.

When we change the language of education by removing the “bar” of achievement, allowing every child to succeed to their own level of excellence, it will no longer be necessary to spend billions of dollars on “special education” which classifies our children according to what they cannot do instead of discovering what they do best.

Providing children with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education has proven to produce critical thinking, problem solving individuals who are educationally successful regardless of their shortcomings.

When we change the language of education so that it concentrates on our children’s gifts and talents, accountability will not be measured by a test but by our children’s ability to live freely and pursue those things that make them happy.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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