Lest Any Man Be Fooled

The Network for Public Education posted this notice:

“No Child Left Behind should have been reauthorized in 2007, yet here we are 5 months into 2015 and Congress has failed to act. The Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 is the latest reauthorization effort. While the bill passed the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee unanimously, it has not yet been brought to the Senate Floor for a full discussion and vote.

The proposed legislation does away with some of the most destructive aspects of NCLB, such as AYP, and as NPE President Diane Ravitch commented, it “defangs the U.S. Department of Education” by taking away the Secretary of Education’s ability to coerce states into adopting specific standards, tests, or accountability schemes.

One major flaw with the legislation however is that the Every Child Achieves Act maintains the federal mandate for annual testing.”

The major flaw with every re-authorization of No Child Left Behind is the language of the bills that are introduced.

Accountability and testing are absolutely necessary however, they are only as relevant as the terms and conditions by which they are measured.

To enact new education legislation that will change the current system of education from one that is failing to being successful, we must change the language of education and reset the bar of achievement to excellence.

We must provide every child in America with a free and public education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents by creating a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, grounded in the arts, and experiential.

Every member of the school community must acknowledge and respect their own gifts and talents that are inherent in the multitude of cultures that make up their community and the fabric of our Nation.

Every child must be able to attend an excellent school in their own neighborhood creating the community connections that make our towns and cities strong, strengthening the connections among Americans, strengthening our country.

The major flaw in our current education legislation, policies, and procedures is the language, lest any man be fooled.

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