Change Is The Key

Key actions the RCSD has taken since the 11-12 school year to advance their priorities.

Reading on Grade Level by Third Grade
Full-day pre-Kindergarten for 70% of students
Eliminating summer learning loss
Summer literacy opportunities for every Pre-K – 2 student
Thousands of students are reading at home
“Smart Notebook” supports K-2 ELA teachers

More and Better Learning Time
Early dismissal Wednesdays eliminated
Five Expanded-Day Schools-students get 300+ more hours of instruction, support, enrichment
13 Extended-Day Schools offer students 200+ more hours for academic support and services
More Art, Music, PE, AP and Extra-Curriculars
59 New sports programs
10,000 Students in summer learning

Instructional Excellence
Common Core Instructional Program fully implemented in 2013-2014
More Than 16,000 Hours of Professional Learning For 1,600+ teachers and administrators on Common Core instruction
100 Instructional/Technology Coaches Along with 5.5 Instructional Directors added in 2013-2014
More Students Took and Passed January Regents Comprehensive English: 1,445 tested (+470*); 43.5% passed (+14.7%)Integrated Algebra: 1,373 tested (+113); 27.9% passed (+2.3%)

Effective, Efficient Allocation of Resources
More services for students & staff
$51.8 million in operational efficiencies
Collaborative new health plan saved $7.6 million in 2013
School-Based tutoring
State and National Recognition

Communication and Customer Service
Student placement moved to C.O.
Back-to-School orientation events at every school beginning in 2012
48-Hour response time to Questions/Concerns
Weekly school visits – monthly parent meetings

Parent, Family and Community Involvement
Community attendance initiative
Improved target school attendance from 88% to 90% in 2012-2013
Parent liaisons in every school
Reserved parent parking is standard at Central Office
Neighborhood schools will become the norm

Management Systems
Accurate attendance data
Rigorous staff feedback & support RCSD is the only large district to fully comply with APPR law
Ended Phase-In & Phase-Out of schools
Consistent instructional time
School Modernization in progress

While returning to the neighborhood school concept is a move in the right direction, the key actions taken by the RCSD do not address the educational failure of the common core curriculum and its implementation which the RCSD believes to be “Instructional Excellence”.

We will achieve “instructional excellence” when every child receives a developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens.

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