Failure Fuels Funding

This article reported by Metro Justice is not news but yet another reason to change our current system of education:

“Ana Casserly, . . . has been working with Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reporter Justin Murphy for months on his front page story in the Sunday D&C.

“Latino students with disabilities face systemic mistreatment in the Rochester School District, a Democrat and Chronicle investigation has found. Interviews with a dozen families and extensive documentation show that they are suspended more often than other students, often as punishment for misbehavior associated with their disabilities.”

This is an important part of our campaign for “Solutions Not Suspensions” We are working to change the Rochester City School District code of conduct as part of our overall campaign to “Breaking the School-To-Prison Pipeline.” Join us in the vital work!”

Unfortunately, the RCSD operates on a deficit funding model of economic organization.

This means that if they want to receive more educational funding tax dollars, they must spend the money they received the year before and show a need for more financial support in the coming year.

Since children who are classified with special needs receive more educational funding through federal and state programs, having a large population of classified students means having a large funding stream coming into the district.

Charter and private schools siphon off those students who meet “normed” standards, leaving the greatest population of students with “special needs” in public schools.

The humane response to this situation would be to change the system of education so that it concentrates on a child’s gifts and talents in order to create a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence in those children who experience difficulty learning under the current form of education offered in most public schools.

Unfortunately, because failure fuels funding, the failure of our children to thrive educationally, is profitable not only for the Local Educational Agencies, but for the “hedgehogs” that determine what the standards and norms are through their testing and acceptance of the common core curriculum.

Schools do no fail, schools fail to educate children!

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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