Professionally Speaking

Though the controversy around testing stems from the teacher evaluation aspect more than the data collection, standardization, and dehumanization of our children the testing causes, everyone agrees that teachers as well as every professional should be evaluated regularly.

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, police, firepersons, these are all stressful professions that should remain under close scrutiny. As all these professions must interact with the public, the measure of their effectiveness should not be determined by test data, but the humanity with which the patrons of these professions were treated.

The Association for Psychological Science states, “New research suggests that overall happiness in life is more related to how much you are respected and admired by those around you, not to the status that comes from how much money you have stashed in your bank account.”

There are aspects of teaching that far outweigh standardized test outcomes.

How does the teacher interact with their students?

How often does (did) the teacher connect interpersonally with the students, parents, families and school personnel within the school community?

What method of instruction is preferred and are the outcomes favorable?

What alternative methods of instruction is offered to those who do not connect with the primary method of instruction?

These any many more questions offer more valuable information as to the proficiency and effectiveness of an educator.

When teachers demand respect for their profession as well as the gifts and talents they bring to the profession it will become evident that the language of education must change to concentrate on the gifts and talents of our children.

Every individual in the school environment deserves to be respected for the gifts and talents they possess.

When every individual is respected people will begin to hold themselves accountable for their own behavior and our police can become peace officers, our doctors, healers, our lawyers, advocates, and our firepersons, along with putting out fires could teach fire prevention and safety.

Changing the language of education can change the attitudes of society towards becoming the country where freedom and justice is for ALL.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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