Presented At The RCSD Business Meeting

The Rochester City School District students with disabilities population is 18%, nearly four times the national average of 4.8%. The district’s special ed population supports the funding for nineteen different Not-for-profit organizations. While the numbers of individuals with physical disabilities such as hearing, speech, and eye impairment have remained, for the most part, unchanged since […]

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Change Is The Key

Key actions the RCSD has taken since the 11-12 school year to advance their priorities. Reading on Grade Level by Third Grade Full-day pre-Kindergarten for 70% of students Eliminating summer learning loss Summer literacy opportunities for every Pre-K – 2 student Thousands of students are reading at home “Smart Notebook” supports K-2 ELA teachers More […]

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Smoke And Mirrors

Marlene Sokol of the Tampa Bay Times reports, “MaryEllen Elia, fired four months ago as superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools, was named New York’s state education commissioner on Tuesday. Elia, 66, will replace John B. King Jr., who left in December to take a job at the U.S. Department of Education. She will be […]

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Our Money – Their Profits

TOTAL EXPENDITURES FOR ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION IN THE U.S. 2012-2013 – 718.0 billion dollars. STATE OF NEW YORK 2014-15 BASE YEAR AIDS (FOR EDUCATION): 21,757,472,399 dollars THE NEW YORK STATE LOTTERY 2014 EDUCATION AID: 9,226 billion As districts plan their budgets for next year, they do so depending upon the financial aid they receive […]

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Institutionalized Humanity

Institution: an established organization: a place where an organization takes care of people for a usually long period of time: a custom, practice, or law that is accepted and used by many people. An educational institution is a place where people of different ages gain an education, including preschools, childcare, elementary schools, and universities. Institutionalized: […]

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We Must Act On What We Know

The following excerpts from “Let the Kids Learn Through Play” By David Kohn on May 16, 2015 state what educators have always known. “TWENTY years ago, kids in preschool, kindergarten and even first and second grade spent much of their time playing: building with blocks, drawing or creating imaginary worlds, in their own heads or […]

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