Educating The Heart And Mind – The Solution To The Crisis In Education

Sir Ken Robinson, in advocating for change in education says, “Since I entered education . . at the age of four.”

A poor system of education is responsible for dropout rates, disassociation, suicide rates, unemployment, and incarceration.

“Education is meant to be the process by which we engage people in their fullness to give them a sense of who they are and their capabilities so they can lead a life that means something to them and to the rest of us.”

His talks:
Changing Paradigms
Imagination and Empathy
Educating the Heart and Mind
How to Change Education
Public “Education” has become indoctrination and distraction
Bring On the Learning Revolution
The Element
How To Escape Education’s Death Valley
Life is your talents discovered
Why I Homeschool

have had thousands of hits on YouTube.

When individuals say that “no one knows how to fix education” they have never viewed any of Sir Robinson’s videos.

“Every school should be different and great. Every classroom should be different and great. It should be built on diversity and not conformity. . . We should be personalizing education not standardizing it. . . We pay a high price for the exile of feeling in education. . . the failure to help people engage with what’s within them. . . What identifies us as human beings, above all, are the powers that flow from our deep resource of imagination. Part of the task of education is to connect ourselves with ourselves. . . the other great task is to connect with each other through the power of empathy, through the power of intuition and mutuality. All those things get lost in an industrialized, homogenized, atomized system of education and the price couldn’t be higher . . . disaffection, disengagement and emotional turmoil.”

Personalizing education, a concentration in the Arts, and practical techniques to get children to focus in on themselves are the solutions to the failure of our current system of education.

People are not mechanisms they are organisms.

When we work together to change the intent of education we will succeed in providing every child in America with an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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