Accountability Or Persecution

On Monday, April 13, 2015, principals received an e-mail from Central Office which requested:

“Per your building, please identify teachers who have sent letters or made phone calls to parents encouraging them to opt out their children from the NYS Assessments. Also, identify teachers who you have evidence as utilizing their classrooms as “political soap boxes.” I need this updated information no later than Tuesday morning for follow-up.”

How does having this information hold any teacher responsible for student success?

How does providing RCSD parents with the same information and options as suburban parents become a “political soap box”?

Teachers and parents must work together to insure student success.

It is clear from this communique that RCSD administration is asking administrators to “inform” on their teachers who are actively engaged in their school community and are connected to the concerns of the members of that community.

This is not accountability it is persecution, not unlike that of Nazi, Germany.

In America, educators should feel free to share their cultural perspectives in order to create an atmosphere of free speech and critical thinking within the learning environment.

In America, students should feel free and be taught to express their opinions in a positive respectful manner.

In America, parents should be knowledgeable about the system that is educating their children and feel free to hold that system accountable for their child’s educational success.

It is the exchange of ideas, ideals, and beliefs that bring us closer together as a species.

When we talk of accountability it must be understood that everyone is accountable for the choices they make and the success and failure of those choices.

Administrators can choose to stand on their own “political soap box” and support the “freedom” of their teachers to openly state their views and share them with their students to create an atmosphere of trust within the classroom so that students feel free to engage in open dialogue and share their views and opinions.

Our children deserve to grow up in an America where accountably is not synonymous with persecution.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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