Silence Is Golden

“A proverbial saying, often used in circumstances where it is thought that saying nothing is preferable to speaking.” The Phrase Finder

The original intent of this saying, along with the original intent of education has changed from one of wisdom to that of profit.

To remain silent in the cause of changing the focus of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of All of America’s children is still golden, however, that gold now lines the pockets of the “hedgehogs” that profit from the educational failure of our children.

The governor’s education policy requires two forms of teacher evaluation, test scores and observation. No where does it mention parent or student input.

To place the evaluation of any service provider on those who have little to no immediate contact with the individual providing the service is ineffective and inefficient. It is also dehumanizing.

Our current system of education is dehumanizing but profitable.

Because we are not concentrating on developing the gifts and talents of our teachers, they are unable to recognize and respect the gifts and talents of their students.

Teacher colleges are being monetarily coerced into adapting their curriculum to meet the requirements of common core testing while administrators are being trained in their observation strategies to look for common core component administration.

A knowledgeable teacher is of primary importance in the classroom however, being dedicated to teaching is another primary factor that is overlooked.

The interpersonal interactions between the teacher, parents, and students can make a decided difference as to how the imparted knowledge is received.

To discount the attitudes and perceptions of the individuals placed before our children in favor of the regurgitation of a standardized curriculum does not guarantee success. In fact it has been shown to foster more failure.

Our children are human, our teachers are human, our parents are human, our system of education is not.

We must not continue to remain silent, forging the chains of our enslavement.

Our children are more valuable than gold, deserving of our voice.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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