“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” Peter Marshall

We don’t have to stand tall, we just have to stand together.

It has been noted that the struggle against the problems inherent in our current system of education differ according to the region in which you live.

Members of the rural community do not receive the proper funding, urban communities suffer from an ineffective and inefficient system that is controlled by state funding regulations, and in the suburbs, testing, teacher evaluation and union busting are the main concerns.

Each community if fighting a system of education that is designed to maintain the profits of those who would sell the future of America to the highest bidder.

We continue to fight our battles separately while the war rages on destroying our children’s educational future.

The fact is every problem within our current system is experienced by every student in every region across the United States.

Regardless of the issues that divide us, when we stand together we can change the current system of education so that everyone, especially our children, will benefit.

When we provide a united front, we can change the language of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gift and talents of all children.

When we provide a united front, calling for the excellent education of All children, the system of education will provide a developmentally appropriate, experiential, curriculum, founded in the Arts, and delivered by dedicated, knowledgeable adults who believe that everyone is gifted and talented, in a safe, caring learning environment that acknowledges and respects the various cultures that make up their community and our nation.

In a free America, it is our duty to stand against an ineffective and inefficient government.

To remain a free America we must provide all of our citizens with a free and public education in order to insure that all Americans have the opportunity to become knowledgeable, actively engaged members of the government they represent.

“Stand, for the things you know are real, our children.”

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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