What Is The Question?

In November of 2014 it was reported that actor Bill Cosby had sexually assaulted thirty-three women. The media would have you asking if these women are telling the truth.

The question that should be asked is, “Would any of these women have remained silent about their attack had it come from a restaurant busboy or homeless veteran?”

In every case these women remained silent because of their belief that Cosby’s “position” in life outweighed their human right to be treated with respect. This is what we are teaching our children, that money and power are more important than self-respect and self-preservation, that if they don’t have money and power they are useless until they are useful.

If they do not conform to the standardized norm of “college and career” ready for the 21st Century workforce, they are failures. If they do not score within the acceptable Federal, State, District, mandated testing requirements, none of whom have any connection to the teachers or students in the classroom but base their decisions for what is normal by the data they collect from their tests, we tell our children that they have failed their teachers, their school, their district, and their state.

This is “Bullying” by any definition.

When we Constitutionally guarantee every child in America the right to a free and public education that is focused on, discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents and those of every member of the school community;
creating a curriculum that is child-centered, developmentally appropriate, experiential, and grounded in the arts;
providing a school environment that is safe and supportive of the individual contributions everyone has to offer their community; we will have changed the system of education back to its original intent, to create a society of knowledgeable, caring and concerned, actively engaged citizens of these United States.

We must change the focus of education away from standardization and towards our children.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union must first form a more perfect system of education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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