Nothing New Under The Sun

Fortune Magazine reports in its March 15, 2015 issue, page 75, “The Science of Making Money in Biotech”, “biotech companies are churning out innovations at a breakneck pace, from near cures for cancer and hepatitis C to unprecedented achievements in editing a person’s actual DNA.”

While this may sound alarming it is no more technologically advanced for our time than the cloning research of Hitler’s scientists after he returned from Africa with the scientific scripts he found in the temple of knowledge that was destroyed after it was emptied.

Without the divine intervention of God, man would have gone extinct long ago. We are constantly living to destroy ourselves in an effort to prove that we are mightier than the One that created us.

Understanding the data to manipulate the outcome does not acknowledge the fact that the outcome still depends on the existing data which can be manipulated. Life cannot be created by man it can only be re-created. And, since life and death are no longer within our locus of control, the question becomes, over what do we have control?

We are given the choice between good and evil.

We are asked to love or hate and not stand on the fence, but make a choice and take responsibility for the choice you make.

When we provide our children with a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, experiential, arts based education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming the wonderful expression of love that they were created to be, we will begin to make better choices and evolve into human beings that can see beyond the physical attributes of life and connect to the Spirit of love within everything placed in our existence.

We, the people of the United States, must Constitutionally guarantee every child in the United States the education we know and understand to be a “sound” free and public education in a safe neighborhood environment where everyone in the school community is recognized for the gifts and talents they lend to the education of America’s children, our posterity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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