More Data Collection

Applications for New Awards; Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Program:

Purpose of Program: The Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Program awards grants to State educational agencies (SEAs) to design, develop, and implement Statewide longitudinal data systems to efficiently and accurately manage, analyze, disaggregate, and use individual student data.

States may apply for funds to address up to two of the priority data use cases described in this section. SEAs may apply for grants selecting up to two of the following data use priorities:

(1) Financial Equity and Return on Investment;
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(2) Educator Talent Management;

(3) Early Learning;

(4) College and Career;

(5) Evaluation and Research; or

(6) Instructional Support.

Estimated Available Funds:$27,000,000.

States will receive $27 million dollars to collect data on their financial equity and return on investment, managing the talent of their teachers, evaluation and research, college and career. Only one third of the money received is required to be spend on early learning and instructional support.

When we begin to concentrate on what children actually require to learn, a child centered, developmentally appropriate, experiential, arts based curriculum, delivered by knowledgeable and dedicated educators who believe that every child is gifted and talented and wonderfully capable of contributing to the success of America, in neighborhood schools that are safe and supported by every member of the school community, we will begin to see the educational success that is required to realize the American dream, freedom and justice for all.

Collecting data on our children will not guarantee their success but will guarantee the successful profits of the “hedgehogs” that seek to control the direction of education into their coffers.

Our children deserve an education that expects them to become engaged and involved citizens of these United States, leaders of the people, bringing peace to our nation and around the world.

Our children deserve an education that expects them to achieve their full potential in order to be proud Americans who earned the right to be the government, “the people” of the United States.

Our children deserve to live in “One Nation, Under God”.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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