A New Declaration – A New Independence

It is time that all of America come to the united conclusion that the language of education has, as the technology of the 1800’s, become obsolete. It can no longer suffice in establishing and maintaining the freedoms guaranteed by our nation.

We must change the language so that it reflects the respect for the cultural diaspora that is America.

Our historic vision must include all perspectives in order to come to an understanding of what is, what could be, and what should be in order to evolve as a human race.

When we change the language of education to concentrate on the gifts and talents of All children we will begin to see a shift in our society towards a human engagement without the segregation and dehumanization of technology interfering with interpersonal communication. Technology then becomes a tool that aids the spread of caring and compassion, respect, and love.

To change the language of education we must first educate those who would become our elected leaders to the problems inherent within the current system.

We have done that.

The next step is to bring those leaders forward at the local, state, and federal level.

We have not done that.

We must make sure that our elected leaders speak with our voice, regardless.

We are doing that.

Then we must be strong enough to tell them what we want.

We want a system of education that discovers, develops, and directs the gifts and talents of ALL children, delivered by dedicated and knowledgeable educators in a safe learning environment, in neighborhood schools communities that respect and role model a life long learning attitude by engaging students in their environment as well as providing positive cultural experiences outside of their prominent environment and experiences, towards becoming a knowledgeable, actively engaged citizen of these United States or something to that effect.

It is time we declare our independence from corporate “hedgehog” profiteering and begin to invest in our children, the future of our world.

Our children deserve to live in a world of respect, and love.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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