From The Past To The Future

“That all citizens will be given an equal start through a sound education is one of the most basic, promised rights of our democracy. Our chronic refusal as a nation to guarantee that right for all children . . . is rooted in a kind of moral blindness, or at least a failure of moral imagination . . . It is a failure which threatens our future as a nation of citizens called to a common purpose . . . tied to one another by a common bond.” Senator Paul Wellstone – March 31, 2000

Unfortunately Senator Wellstone was killed two years after making this statement, in a suspicious plane crash.

It has been fifteen years since this statement was made and knowledgeable, engaged citizens are still reluctant to change our current system of education so that it provides an excellent education to all of its children.

By segregating our children into racial and socio-economic groups and supplying those groups with the money necessary to maintain their educational failure through the process of segregation, the elite continue to control everyone below them by insuring their ignorance.

Affluent communities are fighting against the process of the system believing that the system, because it has been working until now, is sound, and only needs to be adjusted.

Poor communities are not fighting against the process of the system believing that the system cannot and will not be changed.

Everyone must know and understand that our current system of education, that classifies our children according to their disabilities and then works to strengthen those disabilities only seeks to make our nation weak and easily controlled.

When we change our current system of education to provide ALL children with a free and public, developmentally appropriate, experiential, education that discovers, develops, and directs their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, concerned, and actively engaged citizens of these United States, we will, through our collective voice, change the course of America towards becoming what it was intended to be, a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Our children deserve to live in the America we promised them.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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