The Message Was Clear

In President Obama’s “State of the Nation” speech, the only mention of education was to provide free community college to the Associate’s Degree level.

President Obama is and was not an education president. His platform was health. He knew little about education and, in assessing his decision to retain Arne Duncan as Education Secretary, few on his staff knew much about education.

It is incumbent upon citizens to make sure the leaders they elect are knowledgeable on all issues or have someone on their staff able to effectively and efficiently inform them of the public concerns and opinions regarding that issue.

It is our obligation to attend meetings and ask questions and demand accountable action especially when it comes to our children’s educational future.

As Congress comes together to discuss issues in education, groups who have working education committees can have representatives at those meetings or have someone watching them and commenting through social media. Technology has made it possible to raise our voice without leaving our homes. Advocating for Constitutionally guaranteeing the excellent education of every child will generate the educational change that will lead to the success of America.

Through social media we now realize and understand that our current system of education is not failing everywhere. It is failing in large urban areas where high concentrations of poverty exist and their is a cultural disparity between the perceived social norm, “middle class” and those who are seen as “lower class”.

President Obama clearly pointed out the difference between the “middle class” attitude towards hard work, perseverance, and success, and that of the “lower class” who aren’t willing to work hard enough to achieve success.

Because he is and was not an “education” president, President Obama did not make the connection between education and attitude.

“Middle class” children receive a better education therefore they have a better attitude.

We must elect leaders who know and understand the importance of education to the success of America.

Every citizen must fight for the right of all children to receive an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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