Who’s In The Lead

Leonie Haimson, Executive Director of Class Size Matters, info@classsizmatters.org, lets us know that there is still a great deal of work to be done in an effort to change the system of education so that it concentrates on what is best for the children being educated not those who profit from the inequities in education.

In order to change our current system of education, we must know who our elected leaders are and what departments they influence.

The 114th Congress took office January 6.

Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) is the new chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee
Senator Patty Murray (WA) is the new senior Democrat (“ranking member”)
Senator Thad Cochran (MS) will chair the Senate Appropriations Committee
Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD) will serve as the senior Democrat Representative
John Kline (MN) will remain chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee
Representative Bobby Scott (VA) is serving as the new senior Democrat on the Committee
Representative Hal Rogers (KY) will continue to chair the House Appropriations Committee
Representative Nita Lowey (NY) will remain as the senior Democrat

At the State level:

Rich Funke, District 55, and Joe Robach, District 56, are our Senate Representatives with Senator John Flanagan (New York State), Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, committee assignments for the 2015-2016 have not been released.

Louis Slaughter is our House Representative.

Peter Lawrence leads District 134, Mark Johns, District 135, Joe Morelle, District 136, David Gantt, District 137, and Harry Bronson, District 138 are our Assembly Leaders.

To change the minds of our leaders, they must know what we think, believe, and feel strongly about.

There are many education advocates like Ms. Haimson who have worked tirelessly to effect change in our current system of education, with a great many successes.

We must work together, join forces, and change the direction of education so that it concentrates on what is best for children.

Contacting our leaders, especially those at the Federal and State level that work specifically on issues regarding education, is vital.

We must raise our public voice to support our children and their right to an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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