Actions Speak Louder Than Words

District leaders tell parents they want their sincere involvement in their child’s educational life when their actions say, “Put your child safely on the school bus and safely take your child off the bus.”

District leaders know and understand the conditions of poverty. Lack of or insufficient transportation is a condition of poverty.

How can district leaders expect parents to be more sincerely involved when the average household has two children and those two children are bused out of their neighborhood to attend two different schools?.

Because of the “extended day” initiative, schools now provide students with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From bus entry to bus exit, some children spend more than ten hours a day getting to school and home.

Do district leaders expect parents to use those hours travelling by City transit bus to either or both schools for appointments and events? Are parents paid bus fair to do so? Are they allowed travel expenses on their taxes?

Then, there is the matter of day care and more importantly, the dangers of “latch key” care, for the children of working parents when holidays and vacations interfere with work schedules.

Should district leaders truly be concerned with increasing sincere parental involvement, they would return to the neighborhood schools concept to ease the transportation burdens of impoverished parents.

Adopting a “year round” school schedule would eliminate the cost of daycare and the dangers of “latch key” care and would easily meet the application requirements necessary for Federal, State, and private funding.

The problems inherent in our current system of education are different depending upon where you live. However, there are problems throughout the entire system at every socio-economic level.

All children deserve a better system of education run by leaders who know and understand the stresses of their community and do their best to address them in a fiscally and socially responsible manner.

When we provide an excellent education that concentrates on the gifts and talents of all children we will evolve into a society that knowledgeably and actively engages in their government.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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