America’s Promise Is For Everyone

A recent blog by Diane Ravitch commends “The board of the Southold, Néw York, school district (because they) voted not to participate in field testing for state tests as a protest against over testing.

According to Wikipedia, Southhold, New York is 93.53% White, The median income for a household was $49,898. This is why they have the power to stand against the State’s insistence on Common Core implementation and testing.

“Middle class” Americans are aware of the superficial dangers of Common Core and are willing to fight against the distractions that are placed before them because the system of education, as it currently exists, works for their children to a certain degree.

Convinced that there should be a “middle class” in America, the problem of the implementation of common core becomes more relevant than the promise of equality in America.

Everyone agrees that education is America is racist, segregationist, sexist, class oriented, and dehumanizing for most of America’s children.

Most working in the field of education will agree that the current system of education employs negative motivation, behavior that is motivated by anticipation or fear that an undesirable outcome will result from not performing, and monetary incentives to create an atmosphere of tension and fear throughout school communities.

Refusing to take the field tests and opting out of standardized testing solves only one purposefully distracting issue of education in the United States.

Middle class parents believe that their children are “safe” from the negative consequences of standardization and that “lower class” children should be standardized in order to “grow the middle class” from their ranks.

ALL of America’s children deserve an excellent education.

ALL of America knows what an excellent education is. It concentrates on the gifts and talents of the child, is developmentally appropriate, experiential, founded in the Arts, and delivered by dedicated teachers in low student:teacher class sizes and safe school communities.

All of America should demand that All of America’s children receive that same excellent education the children of the 1% receive.

“Freedom and Justice” for All, this is the American way.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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