Who Will Be King – Who Will Be President

As John King leaves his position to take a job in the Obama administration, the focus must not be on who will fill his position as Commissioner but who will be elected president in two years.

Barack Obama will be replaced and our new president will appoint an Education Secretary that may or may not be Arne Duncan.

Obama was not an education president so it did not matter to him who sat in the chair Duncan occupied. However, it is rare that a new president maintains the same advisers.

It is important to know and understand the educational beliefs of our next president and who will be appointed the next education adviser to that president.

None of the potential candidates for the 2016 presidential election are strong advocates for changing our current system of education.

Neither the Democrat nor Republican leaders have done anything more than support reform of the current system with no real changes being considered.

The Federal government is in clear violation of its legal responsibilities with regard to education policy and procedures. It is forcing State governments to comply with their edicts. Therefore, it is inconsequential who leads State education agencies.

When we amend the United States Constitution to read, “Every State shall provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, experiential education that is founded in the Arts and concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming a knowledgeable, active, and involved citizen of these United States,” and then hold States accountable for making sure their Local Education Agencies have the resources to comply with the Constitution, it will not matter who is King, President, or Governor, every child in America would experience a more positive and successful education.

The system of education that we provide our children determines the outcome of our country. When the Constitution was adopted, only the children of the elite were educated to continue the ruling voice of the upper class.

It is time to change the system.

America promises its citizens freedom and justice for ALL.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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