The Failure Is In The System Not The Schools

There are many things City School District leaders can do to address the failure of 83% of the schools in the district.

Because Rochester is part of the “Big Five” the Board and the Superintendent feel compelled to follow the direction of the State when faced with failure.

Superintendent Vargas has recommended the closing of Charlotte High School because of its failure. East High school was to be closed because of its failure.

Will the district be able to close 83% of its schools?

How is closing schools and opening schools in the same building but with a different name going to produce educational success for students?

Schools don’t fail. Our current system of education is failing to educate our children not their buildings.

Elementary children are getting on school buses as early as 6:30 in the morning and not returning home until 6:00 at night. They spend their day preparing to take tests and playing games. Lunch begins in the morning and by noon these children are tired and irritable. Engaging in the learning process is nearly impossible for a young child at this point.

After eight years or more of this “conditioning” students are ready to “check out” of the system of education unless someone in their life is providing the necessary impetus for them to continue and be successful in spite of the schooling they received.

The attendance rate for the 2013-14 school year at Charlotte was only 78%. 22% of the students attending that school feel that receiving an education is not worth their time and effort. The building did not give them that impression, the current system of education created that perception.

The problems that exist in education do not begin at the secondary level. They begin with our youngest and most talented children at the earliest grade levels.

When we change the system so that it concentrates on providing every child with a developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential education, every child will have the opportunity to be successful and every school building will be filled with engaged, knowledgeable, and passionate life long learners.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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