From The Federal Register

Teacher Preparation Issues
A Proposed Rule by the Education Department on 12/03/2014
This document has a comment period that ends in 60 days (02/02/2015)

“The Secretary proposes new regulations to implement requirements for the teacher preparation program accountability system under title II of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), that would result in the development and distribution of more meaningful data on teacher preparation program quality . . .”

“These proposed regulations would establish specific indicators that States would use to assess and report on the quality of teacher preparation programs under the title II reporting system.”

Current Regulations: None.

Proposed Regulations:
“Starting October 1, 2017, and annually thereafter, each IHE that conducts a traditional teacher preparation program or an alternative route to State certification or licensure program and enrolls students receiving Federal financial assistance under the HEA would be required to report to the State and general public on the quality of its teacher preparation using an institutional report card prescribed by the Secretary.”

Proposed § 612.4(a)—General State Report Card Reporting
Every State must report

Proposed § 612.4(b)—Reporting of Information on Teacher Preparation Program Performance
The Department would identify specific content requirements, criteria, and data that a State would use, beginning in April 2019 and annually thereafter, to assess the performance of each teacher preparation program
Proposed § 612.4(b)(1)—Meaningful Differentiations in Teacher Preparation Program Performance
Each State would be required to report . . . at least four performance levels: “low-performing,” “at-risk,” “effective,” and “exceptional” that are based on the indicators

Proposed § 612.4(b)(2)—Satisfactory or Higher Student Learning Outcomes for Programs Identified as Effective or Higher
The State determine(s) [if] the program had satisfactory or higher student learning outcomes.

Proposed § 612.4(b)(3)—Disaggregated Data, Assurances of Accreditation or Quality of Program Characteristics, Weighting, and Rewards or Consequences

Proposed § 612.4(b)(4) Reporting the Performance of All Teacher Preparation Programs

Proposed § 612.4(b)(5)—Procedures for Assessing and Reporting Teacher Preparation Program Performance Data

Proposed § 612.4(c)—Fair and Equitable Methods

Proposed § 612.4(d)—Inapplicability to Certain Insular Areas

Proposed § 612.4(a)—General State Report Card Reporting
. . . This requirement applies to all teacher preparation programs, regardless of whether they enroll students receiving Federal assistance under the HEA, or whether they are traditional or alternative route programs.

The Federal government is now telling its State governments to tell its teacher colleges how to conduct and assess their programs.

Our children deserve to have passionate, dedicated educators guiding them towards educational success, not Federally mandated, State controlled teachers that deliver a standardized curriculum of control.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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