The Voice Of Victory

Because one man spoke up, Dan Drmachich, former principal of School Without Walls, one charter school, The Greater Works Charter School, is shut down.

Justin Murphy of the Democrat & Chronicle reports, “A NYSED spokesman said Monday that the department had asked the board of trustees to rescind its application . . . Essentially we’re aware as a board … of our professional status,” Kozik(the school’s trustee chairman) said . . . NYSED spokesman Dennis Tompkins said: “We don’t grant charters to individuals. We grant charters to boards based on the application. . . , Tisch(Regents Chancellor) whose board has final say over whether charters are granted, said . . .the Regents acted on the recommendation of NYSED staff. . . Kozik said he didn’t think to question Morris’ claims more closely until it was too late.

These are the comments of individuals concerned with running a school, not educating children.

To grant a school, entrusted with the educational excellence of our children and not be concerned with background and intent of the individuals who will operate that school is unconscionable.

To not question the educational background of the individual you wish to operate your school is irresponsible.

Fortunately for the children of Rochester, the voice of one man has saved them from becoming another failing statistic on the road to the prison pipeline.

Every citizen in the State of New York must join that voice and expose the ineptitude of our State Education Department. Approval of charter schools, acceptance of district comprehensive improvement plans, superintendent certifications, and submission of educational legislation are just a few of the responsibilities of the Board of Regents and their staff.

Our children deserve educational leaders who are concerned with their educational success and who are willing to due their due diligence to insure their educational excellence.

Our children deserve our voice in exposing the ineptitude that operates our current system of education so that we can effect the changes necessary to provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, experiential, arts based, educational that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, responsible, respectful, members of society.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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