Difference Creates Indifference

Evolution: A theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time : the process by which changes in plants and animals happen over time : a process of slow change and development. – Merriam Webster Revolution: The action of moving […]

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America’s Promise Is For Everyone

A recent blog by Diane Ravitch commends “The board of the Southold, Néw York, school district (because they) voted not to participate in field testing for state tests as a protest against over testing. According to Wikipedia, Southhold, New York is 93.53% White, The median income for a household was $49,898. This is why they […]

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Dedication Is The Incentive Of A Successful Teacher

The Federal Register is requesting comments on the Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory. The Teacher Cancellation Low Income (TCLI) Directory is the on-line data repository of elementary and secondary schools and educational service agencies that serve low-income families. By teaching at one of these schools, recipients of Federal student loans may qualify for loan cancellation […]

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Lest Any Man Be Fooled

“The gap in achievement that separates economically disadvantaged students and students of color from less disadvantaged students has been the focus of discussion, research and controversy for nearly 40 years. While the gap narrowed considerably through the late 1980s, particularly between blacks and whites, progress since then has been marginal — and below-par achievement of […]

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