Demolition And Dehumanization

Recent news concerning the leadership of a newly sanctioned charter school and the lack of due process in vetting his resume has Diane Ravitch asking, “Who runs the SED? Dr. Tisch selected the State Education Commissioner, Dr. John King, her classmate at Teachers College. Maybe he is responsible? But who is accountable? Anyone?”

Ms. Ravitch ends her blog post by saying, “No problem. The demolition of public education continues.”

While the demolition of public education continues, the mis-education of our children has been lost to the distractions of politics and money.

It is well known that education is the solution to ending the social ills that are being held responsible for the mis-education of our children.

Poverty will not exist once every child in America is afforded an excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents.

School safety and bullying will not be an issue in a system of education that respects everyone in the school community for the gifts and talents they have to offer.

Teacher effectiveness will increase once teachers are allowed to bring the passion of their gifts and talents into the classroom to engage and inspire their students.

Once students are provided with an excellent, experiential education that teaches them the the artistic expressions of their own and others cultures and the truth of history, standardized test scores will increase.

The “hedgehogs” are not attacking public education, they are buying it and then selling our children into the slavery of debt owed to those who protect and perpetuate their profits by keeping the American public ignorant, mesmerized by propaganda and distracted by non-issues. Their agenda is motivated by the data they collect from the standardization of the children they enslave.

We must end the current system of education by Constitutionally guaranteeing every child in America a free and public education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents.

Each state must be held accountable for making sure their LEA’s provide their districts with the resources necessary to meet our Constitutional obligations.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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