We Have The Right

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public. Wikipedia

In 1964, it became unconstitutional to treat anyone in America unfairly.

Forty years later, education in this country has been instrumental in reversing the purpose of the Civil Rights Act.

Our current system of education is unconstitutional because it promotes racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that serve the general public, the schools themselves.

Urban and rural public schools are financially undeserved by the State while billions are spent making schools smart and “hedgehogs” rich.

Charter schools take money away from traditional public schools leaving little for urban and rural school communities to work with in order to maintain student success.

There is no joy of learning in poorly financed LEA’s, there is only test preparation and bullying with the hopes of failing enough to receive more funding.

It is time to recognize that the objective of education was changed in 1964. Discrimination became illegal and there had to be a system in place that would support the elitist attitude of an upper, middle, and lower class society.

It was then that the language of education was changed and the intended outcome became growing a working class that was content with being a worker and a spender.

All of America’s children deserve an excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents toward the original intent of education which is to become knowledgeable, productive, citizens who take an active role in shaping their government and the world.

Since 1964, no more than 60% of the registered voters in America have voted.

We must take our responsibility as citizens seriously and change education so that its original intent can be realized and America can become a knowledgeable, self-directing nation, a role model for the rest of the world.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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