Student Support

The following information was provided by SWCR Community Roundtable

Teen Empowerment Invitation to Solutions Not Suspensions – 11/18, 4 p.m. @ School #17 (attached)
Tues. 11/18 @ 4:00 pm sharp @ School #17, 158 Orchard St. (flyer attached)
(NOTE: This is a press conference. Your presence would be a great showing to the media. Also, this means it will be a brief event).
TE, along with our partners spearheading the Solutions Not Suspensions campaign to end the school-to-prison pipeline for Rochester students will release a report that will give our community a clear mandate to fundamentally transform the approach RCSD takes to discipline to improve safety, success and a school climate that supports a vibrant teaching and learning environment.

– Rochester students lost the equivalent of 300 school years last year due to suspensions?
– Almost 89% of all suspensions were for non-violent offenses?
– Only 3% of reported arrests were for felonies?
– Students of color, students with disabilities, and students of color with disabilities are far more likely to be suspended than their white or non-disabled peers?

Be well & Thank you for all your efforts and love!

Jennifer Banister
Development & Collaborations Manager
Center for Teen Empowerment (TE)
392 Genesee Street
Rochester, New York 14611
585-697-3464 or 585-482-2669

It is important for the community to support our youth in their efforts to be respected by the institution that is charged with educating them.

Our children deserve to attend school in a safe neighborhood. A school where the concentration is on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every student. All students deserve a developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential, curriculum developed in classrooms by dedicated, passionate teachers in small class sizes that are conducive to the interpersonal exchange between and among all school community members.

Our current system of education focuses on punitive measures to effect success. Stress is placed on students when they are told the results of their tests determine their teacher’s future.

Providing our children with a safe school environment begins with changing the language of their environment from failure to success.

Change the focus, change the results.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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