Together They Profit

“The American Federation of Teachers has awarded grants to its affiliates in New York and Connecticut to review, and where necessary, rewrite the standards. The same thing could happen in every state where teachers have concluded that the CC standards are developmentally inappropriate, misaligned with the needs of children with disabilities, or suffer from other defects.”

“The grant applicants had wide latitude, including critiquing the Common Core standards or writing new ones.” Weingarten said.

A union task force will review and critique the state’s math and English language arts curriculum materials, developed by outside vendors, which have received a torrent of critical comments from teachers.”

“Given the profound problems with the state’s materials used for the initial Common Core rollout—units that weren’t developed with educators—we’re anxious to roll up our sleeves and get to work on a critique aimed at improving the materials and making sure they are developmentally appropriate for students,” said NYSUT President Karen E. Magee.

When Race To The Top “rolled out” with scripted lessons and State Standards that had to be taught to students so that they knew what they were learning, the Rochester City School District poured millions into the Department of Teaching and Learning which was to rewrite the standards and make the scripted lessons more conducive to the actual learning styles of the children in the classroom.

This new rewriting initiative is nothing more than another distraction that New York’s teacher unions, AFT, NYSUT, and RTA are being paid to promote.

These unions have been receiving Microsoft funding for years and since having their members support the Smart Schools bond act, there is a $2 billion dollar pot of money that can be shared by all except our children.

The Common Core curriculum is copyrighted which means it cannot be changed for at least seventeen years regardless of what teachers write today.

The “hedgehogs” are simply doing their best to keep the public from recognizing that their system of education is designed to keep our children low and their profits high.

Our children deserve an excellent education!

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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