Never Give Up

The porcupine in this video understood the danger of being surrounded by lions.

The porcupine in this video understood that its life was at stake.

The porcupine in this video, though frightened, did not panic but simply stayed true to its intent, to remain alive.

The struggle to change the direction of education is not over. The “hedgehogs” are still on the prowl looking for undeserved profits from the sale of our children’s future.

However, like the porcupine, we must not let our fear of the seemingly bigger and stronger opponent deter us from our goal. They may have more money, however it only takes our voice, one quill at a time, to fend off the opposing foe.

Regardless of their prowess, when we work together, one by one we can make a difference.

Stay the course, show no fear, and understand that we also have power. Our power lies in the collective strength of our individual voice.

Each of us, when properly utilized, can work together to change the current dehumanizing system of education that forces our children onto a path of control and submission in their college, workforce, and prison systems.

Some will be lost in the struggle but it will not be in vain.

Together, we will remain alive and resist the threat of domination and death for the sake of our children and the freedom guaranteed them by the Constitution of the United States.

The porcupine did not run, it did not try to escape the danger of the lions but simply relied on the gifts and talents given it to survive the situation in which it was placed.

Our children deserve to be educated to rely on their gifts and talents to overcome the trials and tribulations life will present.

Our children deserve to know and understand that they too have the power to become successful, caring, responsible, powerful adults that take an active interest in their government in order to create the America that it was intended to be, a powerful and righteous nation.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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