Election Result

The people have elected to have Andrew Cuomo be the governor of New York State for another four years and all three proposals were voted in.

Andrew Cuomo won the vote for governor with 54% of the vote. Proposition 3, the Smart Schools Bond Act passed with over 90% of the vote.

The Huffington Post reports, “New York Ranked Last in Voter Turnout” with only 40% of registered voters having voted.

Of the 40% that voted, 54% voted for Cuomo which means that only 20% of the registered voters in New York State decided who would run the State and enact its policies for another four years.

Only 40% of the voters registered in New York State voted to borrow $2 billion dollars to place Microsoft computers, laptops, and pads in the hands of our children instead of teachers in the classrooms of our schools.

This is the American way. One man, one vote, whether that vote is cast or not. One man, one vote, whether that vote is made from a position of knowledge or ignorance of the issues or the voting and ruling record of the elected.

It is difficult to fight the complacency that causes us not to raise our voice in objection to the current rulers in government when opponents offer no contrast of opinion.

When there is no choice it is unnecessary to make a choice. That is the way politics has been run in America.

Without independent, knowledgeable, leaders stepping forward to challenge the ideals and ideas of the incumbents, this country cannot, will not grow.

Our children deserve leaders who understand the importance of their contribution to the evolution of mankind.

Our children deserve leaders who believe in their gifts and talents and are willing to fight to change the language of education so that it concentrates on their gifts and talents to strengthen their confidence in their ability to overcome whatever challenges in life they may face.

It will be another four years before New Yorkers will be able to vote to change the current system of education in New York.

The struggle continues.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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