Vote – Vote – Vote

The forefathers of this country declared their independence from English rule so that they would have control over the government in their new world.

Taxes were collected from the general populous so that every American would take their responsibility as citizens seriously and could contribute to the general welfare of all the people.

As time went on, America became the land of opportunity, where every hard working citizen could secure a better future for themselves and their posterity.

Being an American was a privilege. Made in America was a symbol of pride.

The sixties brought an idealistic awakening in the attitude of Americans.

Civil rights for all people became the new direction of governmental policy and procedure.

Federal tax dollars began funding State and local educational institutions so that every child in America could be properly educated.

By the early eighties, corporations had convinced federal, state, and local governments that business had a better function for education, to produce their workers, and that they were willing to help educate our children towards their objective.

Today, business controls the more than $2 billion dollars in federal education funding and is working to control any and all private monies attached through private and charter schools.

The only thing that can save our children’s educational future is the voice of the people through our vote.

We must vote for those electorates who understand that our children are gifted and talented and must be educated to believe in themselves by discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming respectful, responsible, involved citizens who accept their right to vote with the severity it was intended.

The only way America can be great again, is if its citizenry provides its posterity with an excellent education that is child centered, developmentally appropriate, founded in the arts, experiential, and delivered by dedicated, knowledgeable, caring adults, within a neighborhood school that provides a safe environment with low student/teacher ratio class sizes where interpersonal relationships can be formed among everyone in the school community.

Raise your voice with your vote.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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