Concern Is Growing

Last night more than a hundred gathered to have an open dialogue regarding Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow.

The concern, the lack of equality in our judicial system that unfairly arrests, prosecutes, convicts, and incarcerates certain groups of Americans.

In the conversation it became evident that those who work in the justice system are more than concerned with the inequities that exist but also realize that the school to prison pipeline that feeds the prison system is responsible for the failure of our children to realize their true potential.

Using statistics to disseminate the causes of the failure of education does little to solve the problems that are contained within a system that was designed to fail a certain population of children.

Quoting those statistics to distract concerned citizens from the truth and convincing parents and educators to “fix what is wrong” is the same process used on our children to siphon billions out of education funding in the name of Special Education.

Our current system of education cannot be fixed because it isn’t broken. It is working exactly the way is was intended.

We can no longer be distracted by the causes of our children’s educational failure but must concentrate on changing the system of education so that it focuses on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all of America’s children.

When we provide an excellent, developmentally appropriate education, delivered by knowledgeable, caring, dedicated educators in small class sizes so that interpersonal relationships can be formed between the teacher, parent, and student, the failure rate will decrease.

When educators can construct a curriculum that addresses the individual gifts and talents of their students that is based in the arts and provides for experiential learning opportunities that engage and excite learning, educational failure will turn into success.

When we allow our educators to be passionate about their gifts and talents and to use that passion to excite the creative process within their students, educational success will be realized.

Concern is growing, change is inevitable, success is a reality.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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