Charter A Trip To Distraction

While some wonder if charter schools are the answer to the failure of public education to provide our neediest children with an excellent education the question still remains, “Why aren’t public schools providing the same type of education charter schools are able to provide their students?”

With State and Federal funding available to financially support public school systems with the highest concentrations of poverty the ability to offer their student populations a child centered, developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential education, delivered by knowledgeable and dedicated professional educators in a class size that allows the student and their family to develop an interpersonal relationship that extends to the entire school community, the discussion of whether or not to support charter schools becomes moot.

When Federal and State legislation and policy dictate practice, education becomes profitable as the “hedgehogs” push their data driven ideals upon our children.

We must ignore the distractions placed before us and concentrate on changing the system of education so that our children become the focus of our educational intentions.

When we acknowledge and educate the gifts and talents all of our children possess, the affect and effect will be the evolution of our society into the America it was intended to be; a nation of knowledgeable, respectful, concerned citizens that are involved in their government and elect leaders who represent their voice in the Senate and Congress in order to make the best decision for the entire nation according to majority rule.

The interest of education must be our children and not the dollars and data it takes to educate them. Our concentration must be on what our children can do and making them proud to do it.

Our teachers must be proud of their gifts and talents and be able to use them to excite and engage their students on a personal level that the Federal and State have no way to evaluate other than the successful, positive communities that will grow out of that pride.

We must ignore the distractions and fight for change.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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