Respect Trumps Poverty

The Democrat & Chronicle reported, “Some of the Rochester School District’s most persistent critics took their protest to the home of Board of Education president Van White on Tuesday, marching in the rain and railing against the district’s alleged failure to properly engage with parents.”

The Rochester City School District creates an educational disparity by not offering our children the opportunity to experience all of the engaging and culturally responsive learning venues in Rochester and its surrounding areas as a regular part of their education. Walking to school and being bused to a museum shows respect for the child and the process of learning.

The disrespect shown our students is also shown to their parents and teachers.

This creates another disparity that exists within most large urban areas of concentrated poverty.

When district leaders know and understand that the urban community, to which they should be responsive, has no voting voice parents are discounted. When teachers allow their union to make their voting decisions for them, they are discounted.

The only relevant voice then becomes that of the “hedgehogs”. Our children’s failure is directly tied to their profit margin; the more they fail, the more they make.

The only way to gain the respect of elected leaders is to raise our voice through our votes.

If parents feel that they are not being heard by their elected leaders they have the opportunity to vote them out in four years.

Our children have been experiencing educational failure for decades and the incumbents are consistently re-elected.

Our children deserve our best interest in the policies and procedures of the system that is supposed to educate them.

It is incumbent upon every adult of voting age to raise their voice to change the system of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all of our children.

When we stand together and show respect for each other, our children will begin to respect the adults in their environment and then they can have respect themselves.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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