Leaders Are People Too – Get To Know Them

Last night the Green Party hosted a “get to know you” event for their Gubernatorial candidate, Howie Hawkins.

It was an informative event. Mr. Hawkins’ political platform centers on reforming government so that the power of government rests in the hands of the people.

Though education is currently a “hot” political topic candidates and those already elected to office do not yet grasp the importance of the necessity to change the language of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all of our children.

Candidates know the problems that have been featured in the media, common core, testing, evaluations, union vs non-union, data mining, however, none of the candidates or incumbents speak of changing the language of education.

Everyone agrees that our children are gifted and talented.

Everyone agrees that we should accentuate those gifts and talents in order to create a sense of pride and accomplishment in our children.

Everyone agrees that those who have physical and intellectual challenges in their lives can overcome those challenges to become respectful, responsible members of our society by employing the gifts and talents with which they were born.

Once we change the language of education to reflect the importance of a developmentally appropriate, arts based, experiential curriculum that excites and inspires the students, teachers, parents, and every member of the school community because it is locally developed by dedicated educators who are inter-personally connected to their students and their students’ families, we will begin to see a positive change in the inter-personal relationships within our neighborhoods, cities, states, and eventually our nation.

As a nation of citizens, concerned with the direction of our current system of education, it is incumbent upon us to educate our current leaders and candidates to the importance of changing the focus of education so that it concentrates on our children and their gifts and talents.

The strength of our nation, the power of our government will become evident when we begin to teach our children how strong and powerful they are.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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