The Movement Is Gaining Momentum

Last night, Coalition for Justice in Education and Writers and Books presented the third in a series of eight forums that discuss issues of concern in education today.

Each forum has been well attended and last night was no exception.

Parents, teachers, and community members are beginning to realize that the problems in education are inherent within our current system of education which is designed to perpetuate the fear and control of American citizens through the standardization and dehumanization of education.

It is becoming apparent to many that the problems within our current system of education affect all of our children.

No child, urban, suburban, rural, of color, not of color, middle income, impoverished, and even the child of the wealthy, can escape the stress, fear, and intimidation that is the foundation of our current system of education.

Concerned educational stakeholders are beginning to recognize that our children deserve to be seen as gifted and talented not disabled.

We, as a community, are beginning to realize that our children are more than a test score.

We are beginning to understand that our children are meant to achieve more than a job or a college degree and that all Americans deserve the promise of America “freedom and justice for all”.

It is time now to work diligently to change education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all children.

In order to do that teachers must be free to engage their gifts and talents passionately so that they can engage and excite their students to become impassioned life-long learners.

Parents must be free to share their gifts and talents in the classroom, showing their child and others the importance of education and the relevance of their contribution to every child’s social and emotional development.

Once we change the focus of education we can change the direction of America towards becoming the model for true democracy, independence, freedom, and justice for all.

Our children are our future, educate them properly and let them lead the world.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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